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CREDIT: Photo courtesy National Constitution Center

CREDIT: D. Cruz for Visit Philadelphia

CREDIT: J. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

CREDIT: J. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

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A Guide to Alexander Hamilton’s Philadelphia

Go beyond Broadway and follow Hamilton’s Philadelphia footsteps in the Historic District

Freedom fighter, statesman, financial genius, adulterer. Fans of the blockbuster hit Hamilton know some of the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life, but there is plenty more to discover in Philadelphia’s Historic District.

The new Museum of the American Revolution, opening on April 19, 2017, will offer a glimpse into the Hamilton-Washington bro-mance.

A tale debuting this summer from the Once Upon A Nation storytellers will get to the root of the fatal Hamilton-Burr duel.

And in Independence Hall, National Park Service rangers often regale visitors with accounts of heated debates Hamilton engaged in about the U.S. Constitution.

Here are more sites where Hamilton shaped his — and America’s — legacy.

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The Sites of Hamilton’s Philadelphia Life
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First Bank of the United States

An early architectural masterpiece

Built from 1795-1797 when Philadelphia was the U.S. capital, the First Bank was Hamilton’s solution to the problem of dealing with the nation’s enormous war debt. As Treasury Secretary, Hamilton also developed a standard currency to be used by all the states. Although the First Bank is not open for visitation, the classic architecture makes for stunning photos.
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United States Mint

Where pocket change and commemorative coins are made

In 1792, Congress approved plans for the first U.S. Mint, Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton’s brainchild. The modern descendant of the original Mint building features a video that outlines Hamilton’s role in creating the money-making facility. Free, self-guided tours take about 45 minutes to complete.
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Alexander Hamilton's Former Home

Although the home where Hamilton, his wife Eliza and their children lived is gone, a plaque marks the location where they rented a house circa 1700-1795. When Eliza was out of town, it was here that Hamilton engaged in a scandalous, career-ending affair with the very married Maria Reynolds.
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For Even More Hamilton
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The Alexander Hamilton Walking Tours App

For fans of the blockbuster musical who can’t get enough Hamilton, a new downloadable app, created by Philadelphia writer Catherine Price, connects some of the hit songs to Philadelphia landmarks where it all happened. The Alexander Hamilton Walking Tours app is available in the Apple App store or on Google Play.
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