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Rocky’s Philadelphia

Explore Rocky’s hometown, following in his footsteps from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Italian Market

Beloved boxer Rocky Balboa might not recognize the city's gleaming skyline if he ran up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps today and turned around, arms raised in triumph, to see it. It’s remarkably different from the modest skyline he looked out on in the original 1976 film.

But that doesn't mean retracing Rocky's famous run across Philly isn't a very fun and cool way to set out to explore the City of Brotherly Love — especially since both Rocky and the city return to the screen in Creed on November 25, 2015.

We've put together a few different ways for you to experience Rocky's Philadelphia. Read on to find out where to eat, run and discover Rocky's Philadelphia.

Guide To Rocky's Philadelphia | Rocky Steps And Rocky Statue

Guide to Rocky's Philadelphia — Tour & Interactive Map

Want to follow in Rocky's actual footsteps? You can do just that with our updated Rocky Tour of Philadelphia.

Recreate his famous run up the Art Museum steps; grab an authentic cheesesteak at Pat’s, the very place he stopped at in the original Rocky; walk through the Italian Market; and then stop by an old-school butcher shop, where — SPOILER — they're probably not going to let you go in the back and use the meat as a punching bag. The tour has also been updated with a number of stops featured in Creed.

Click below to check out our full guide to Rocky's Philadelphia, complete with an interactive map of where to find the most famous locales.

quinessential rocky tour of philadelphia

philadelphia museum of art

The Art Museum steps are one of the most popular attractions in Philadelphia, and for good reason — the view from the top is pretty spectacular. (Photo courtesy Philadelphia Museum of Art)

The Rocky Statue & The Rocky Steps

The Rocky Statue and the Rocky Steps — better known as the Art Museum Steps — are two of the most popular attractions in Philadelphia. The Art Museum steps have been declared the second most famous movie location in the entire world(!!). Visiting the statue, running up the steps and taking a picture at the top is pretty much a must on your first visit to Philly. It’s a rite of passage.

more on rocky statue and rocky steps

rocky statue and rocky steps

You can look out from the "Eye of the Tiger" when you visit the Rocky Statue at the base of the Art Museum Steps. (Photo by J. Smith both for Visit Philadelphia)




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