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Top Reasons Philadelphia Is One Of The Best Biking Cities In The Country

Trails, bike lanes and the all-new bike share make the city a haven for cyclists

Philadelphia is quickly becoming one of the most bike-friendly big cities in the country with dedicated bike lanes on city streets, hundreds of miles of trails and a growing number of bicycle commuters.

The city’s easy-to-navigate grid layout, mostly flat terrain and 435 miles of bike lanes make it much easier on those opting for pedal power. With the April 2015 launch of Indego, the city’s first bike-sharing program, Philadelphia’s love of cycling is going to grow to astronomical heights.

With more riders set to take to explore the region’s great outdoors and incredible attractions, we’ve put together a few reasons why you’re going to want to strap on a helmet and ride a bike in Philadelphia.

Indego, Philly’s brand new bike-sharing program, is here!


With bike rentals starting at just $4 at 70 stations throughout the city, Indego brings convenient access to bikes for residents and visitors. (Photo courtesy Indego)

Launched in April 2015, Indego has bolstered Philadelphia’s biking scene with 70 easy-to-use bicycle rental stations located throughout the city. Rent a bike at any station starting at just $4 per half hour ride and pedal away. The bikes, built by Trek, can be returned to any Indego station after you’ve reached your destination. Better still, Philadelphia will have the only bike sharing program in the country where you can pay for your rental in cash. For those who want to take regular rides, several membership options are available.


There 60 Indego stations with hundreds of bikes located across the city.

See All Station Locations

The bikes are well equipped with baskets in the front and rear for extra storage…


And Indego is super affordable with rentals starting at just $4.


Want to rent a bike? There are 600 bikes available for rental at the bright blue Indego kiosks found at key locations around Philadelphia. (Photo courtesy Indego)

Learn More about Indego Bike Share


And Indego Bike Share is really just the beginning of Philadelphia’s bike friendliness…



Philadelphia has more than 435 miles of bike lanes.


It’s easy to get around the city thanks to dedicated bike lanes through many of Philadelphia vibrant neighborhoods. (Photo courtesy the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia)

Cyclists should have no problems navigating the streets of Philadelphia as the city has made great strides in opening up miles of dedicated bike lanes. Ride from the Delaware River to the Schuylkill and back with biking lanes on Spruce and Pine Streets. The scenic mile of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway has space for cyclists looking to take a ride past the city’s world-renowned museums and attractions.

Riders can also explore miles and miles of waterfront trails.


Riders have plenty of scenic trails to choose from, including the gorgeous 26-mile Schuylkill River Trail along the waterfront. (Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia)

With two rivers and one of the country’s largest urban parks, the country’s fifth-largest city offers urban cyclists hundreds of miles of trails to explore. Enjoy scenic views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and waterfront attractions on the Delaware River Trail or ride past the famed Philadelphia Museum of Art and Boathouse Row on the 26-mile Schuylkill River Trail that ends at Valley Forge.

Art Museum

The Schuylkill River Trail passes popular waterfront attractions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Paine’s Park and Boathouse Row.

There’s even a boardwalk that lets you ride over the Schuylkill River.

Ride your bike over the water on the new Schuylkill River Boardwalk in Center City. (Photo by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia)


It’s awesome.


Outdoor enthusiasts can explore hundreds of miles of trails through parks like Fairmount Park.


Cyclists love the fresh air and challenge of trails of Wissahickon Valley Park. (Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia)

Bike paths and terrains populate Wissahickon Valley Park, whose most popular trail is the off-the-beaten-path Forbidden Drive; no kind of bike is forbidden, though mountain bikes are strongly encouraged. More popular trails include the Pennypack Trail along Pennypack Creek, the relaxing Cobbs Creek Trail and the many trails through Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.

Aimed at bringing all of the region’s fantastic biking trails together, the Circuit is a planned network of 750 miles of bike and pedestrian trails. To date, more than 300 miles of trails have been completed.

read more about the circuit

The annual bike race is one of the most popular professional bike races in the country for several reasons…

Bike Race

Professional cyclists from around the world challenge themselves on the infamous Manayunk Wall every year. (Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia)

Dozens of professional cycling teams compete in the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic, a 12-mile circuit race through the city that begins and ends at the 17-degree-grade Manayunk Wall. Thousands of spectators come out for the event, and hundreds more compete in the 30-mile amateur race.

Including the famous/infamous “Manayunk Wall.”

One of the best places to watch the race every year is along “The Wall” in Manayunk, where riders face a steep inclined climb each lap. (Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia)

read more about the philadelphia international cycling classic

In fact, biking events are a major deal for Philadelphia cyclists.


The Oval on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway attracts cyclists from around the region in the summer months. (Photo by M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia)

Every day is a good day for a bike ride in Philadelphia, but cycling enthusiasts have a few special dates circled on their calendars. Every year, hundreds of cyclists join the mayor for a ride to the office during National Bike to Work Day (May 15) while others shed their work attire during the Philly Naked Bike Ride, a wild, 10-mile group ride typically held in September.

Philadelphia is the #1 big city for bicycle commuting in the nation.

Mayor Biking

Even the mayor bikes to work, making Philadelphia the top city for bike commuting in the nation. (Photo courtesy the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia)

Of the ten biggest cities in the nation, Philadelphia has the largest number of bicycle commuters per capita. In fact, South Philadelphia and Center City are ranked among the top 25 neighborhoods in the country for bicycle commuting. According to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the number of commuters trading in their car keys and strapping on their bike helmet has increased 260% between 2005-2013.

read more about the bicycle coalition

Bike Parking

Students, professionals and city residents make use of the city’s ample bike-friendly lanes and parking islands. (Photo courtesy the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia)

It’s easier than ever to explore the city by bike.

Laurel Hill

For longer adventures, rent a bike and go riding through the city’s outdoor attractions like the famous Laurel Hill Cemetery. (Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia)

While Indego is meant for short trips, those looking for a longer ride are in luck—bike rentals are available all over the city. No matter where visitors roam in Philly, they can rent bikes for an hour or more from Wheel Fun Rentals, with locations at Lloyd Hall on Boathouse Row, at Capriccio at Café Cret along the Ben Franklin Parkway and at the Independence Visitor Center on Independence Mall. Brewerytown Bicycles sits along Girard Avenue in the Brewerytown neighborhood, just a quick ride to the Philadelphia Zoo, Kelly Drive or anywhere in Fairmount Park; mountain and fat bikes are available for daily rentals or several days. Brewerytown’s sister store, Fairmount Bicycles, is located just north of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Schuylkill Banks

Go for a scenic waterfront ride on the Schuylkill Boardwalk, part of the region’s extensive series of bike-friendly trails and pathways. (Photo by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia)

Once you get the taste for biking, there are plenty of places to find the bike of your dreams.


Firehouse Bicycles in West Philadelphia has a wide variety of bikes to choose from for riders of all skill levels. (Photo by J. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia)

With so many bike shops around the city, it’s a great way to window shop—or pop in for a tune-up, new gear or a fresh set of wheels. Every neighborhood has it’s own bike shop like Firehouse Bikes in West Philadelphia, Bicycle Stable in Fishtown or the eponymous Fairmount Bikes in Fairmount. Those looking for something special can browse the selection of European-style bikes at Bicycle Revolutions in Queen Village, ride like a pro at Breakaway Bikes in Rittenhouse, check out the workhorse cycles of Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles or get a custom bike from Bell’s Bike Shop in East Passyunk.

Biking will only get better in Philadelphia.


Cyclists in Philadelphia come in all shapes and sizes riding mountain bikes, fixed-gears or classic cruisers. (Photo courtesy the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia)

Thanks to the efforts of groups like the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, who have been promoting cycling in the city since 1972, more and more people are riding bikes. The region’s biggest cheerleader for safe cycling, the organization touts the environmental, health and economic effects of bike riding while improving biking conditions. In the past half-decade alone, they’ve helped to create numerous new bike lanes and trails.

Community groups like Neighborhood Bike Works and Gearing Up help residents improve their lives through biking while CyclePhilly uses technology to use data from actual cyclists to improve the region’s biking infrastructure.

Happy Riding!


Whether you rent a bike via Indego, pedal through a daily commute or take a leisurely ride around the city, biking in Philadelphia has never been better! (Photo by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia)


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