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Colonial Kids Quest

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Where to Experience Living History in Philadelphia’s Historic District

Spots to meet, mingle and grab a selfie with our nation’s celebrated history-makers

Want to march with the Continental Army? Mingle with Thomas Jefferson? Snap a selfie with Benjamin Franklin?

Philadelphia's Historic District is filled with fun opportunities to meet some of our nation's most prominent history-makers and hear their stories firsthand – or at least as close to firsthand as can be.

Discover how to experience the Historic District yourself using our guide to ongoing living history happenings. From beer-filled Colonial Tippler's Tours for the 21-plus crowd to witty puppet shows for the kiddos at Carpenters' Hall, there are plenty of hands-on experiences for all ages to enjoy.

Read on to learn about them all!

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March with the Continental Army and learn musket etiquette.

Engage in the art of marching, basic army drills and more at Signers' Garden

Select dates from May 27 Through September 4, 2017
If you're sightseeing with a crew of energy-brimming kiddos, let the Continental Army take them on. Here, they'll get the chance to run around outside while learning basic army drills, including marching techniques and musket etiquette in Signers' Garden (located across 5th Street from Independence Hall).
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Check out 18th-century-inspired activities with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others at Colonial Stations.

Spend a hands-on afternoon in the 18th century throughout the Historic District

May 27 through September 4, 2017
At multiple locations in the Historic District including Christ Church and Independence Square, visitors can spend the afternoon captivated by characters and activities from the 18th century. Participate in crafting, listen to Colonial-style music and meet Founding Fathers and Mothers such as Benjamin Franklin, Deborah Franklin and George Washington. Other popular free activities include listening to political debates between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
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Meet Secretary of War Henry Knox and others at Carpenters' Hall.

The meeting place of the First Continental Congress invites you to join celebrated figures from history indoors

May 27-September 4, 2017
Before the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, there was the First Continental Congress. In 1774, delegates from 12 colonies gathered at Carpenters’ Hall and voted to support a trade embargo against England, one of the first unified acts of defiance against the King. The building still stands tall and welcomes you inside every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for a special meet-and-greet with figures from our nation’s history, including Secretary of War Henry Knox.
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