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Authentic Philadelphia Hoagies

Take a bite of one of Philly's favorite sandwiches

Authentic Philadelphia HoagiesTake a bite of one of Philly's favorite sandwiches

Declared the "official sandwich of Philadelphia" by Mayor Ed Rendell in 1992 at Wawa Hoagie Day at City Hall, the hoagie is a built-to-order sandwich on a long Italian roll, typically filled with deli meat and cheese, garnished with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions and finished with a drizzle of oregano-vinegar dressing. Hoagies can also be filled with tuna, chicken cutlets and roasted vegetables, among other fillings. Because of its simplicity, the quality of a hoagie truly depends on the quality of its ingredients.

This section is our ode to Philadelphia's iconic cold sandwich - a complete guide of where to find, eat and enjoy authentic Philadelphia hoagies. Click on the panels above or buttons below to explore this delicious and unique Philadelphia sandwich.

(Photo credits: Panels 2, 4, 7 by J. Varney for GPTMC. Panel 5 by J. Smith for GPTMC. Panel 6 courtesy Primo Hoagies)


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