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Fringe Festival

Celebration of thought-provoking productions

Live Arts-Philly Fringe

High-energy acrobatics of "Sequence 8" Credit: Photo courtesy 7 Fingers


September 5-21, 2014

The Experience

Now in its 18th year, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival (formerly known as the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe) will once again transform the city over 18 days of spectacular performances from artists across the globe.

Presented by FringeArts, the 2014 Fringe Festival will feature hundreds of dance, theater, visual arts, music and spoken-word performances in traditional venues, but also on street corners, cars, galleries, cabarets and restaurants. It’s offbeat, daring and avant-garde with lots of artistic cross-pollination.

The heart of the festival is FringeArts’ Presented Fringe performances.

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Each year, Feastival brings together Philadelphia’s top culinary artists in support of FringeArts and the Fringe Festival. One of the top events of the year, Feastival features more than 75 area chefs, live entertainment and hundreds of guests.

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Influenced by Edinburgh, the granddaddy of all Fringe Festivals, five Philadelphia artists banded together in 1997 to create an outlet for other contemporary and experimental performers to present their works. What began as a five-day event has grown into more than two weeks of high-quality, highly innovative artistic presentations.

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