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First Niagara Big Cat Falls

You’ll fall for big cats at the Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

A lion at the Philadelphia Zoo. Credit: B. Krist for GPTMC


The Philadelphia Zoo presents one of its landmark exhibits, the $20 million First Niagara Big Cat Falls attraction.

The stunning Big Cat Falls experience creates a landscape of lush habitats and waterfalls where you will come face to face with nearly 20 endangered big cats from around the world, including four African lions and three adorable Amur tiger cubs.

Along with the feline additions to the Zoo, Big Cat Falls presents many unique features for visitors and animals alike.

You are able to come within a few feet of the animals — many of whom love coming up and greeting visitors.

One group of cats will be able to roam their exhibit area and another cat’s habitat, too. This situation will mimic the behavior of wild cats, who live in a core range surrounded by outlying areas they roam less frequently.

Big Cat Falls is open year-round. Most of the animals in Big Cat Falls are native to areas where it gets very cold in the winter. Even lions and jaguars can tolerate cold weather, but to make the cats even more comfortable, the Zoo distributes ‘hot rocks’ — areas of artificial rockwork that stay warm throughout the year.

For more information on all the unique features of this exciting new exhibit, be sure to visit the Philadelphia Zoo’s website.


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