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Pennsylvania Veterans Museum

An interactive museum dedicated to the legacy of U.S. veterans

Images of the Pennsylvania Veterans' Museum

Veterans reconnect with their history at the Pennsylvania Veterans' Museum Credit: courtesy of the Pennsylvania Veterans’ Museum


First opened to the public on Veterans Day 2005, the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum in Media aims to preserve, promote and protect the legacy of all U.S. veterans through life-sized displays, interactive kiosks and artifacts.

Some of the featured exhibits at the Museum include: a life-sized diorama of D-Day that highlights the Invasion of Normandy; an interactive kiosk featuring the key events of Hitler’s last offensive in Europe; and a display entitled Home Front and Women in the War that honors the roles that women and children have played in war efforts.

Education at the Museum

In addition to its riveting displays, the museum also works to educate the public, particularly younger generations, about the experiences and history of veterans during times of war. To this end, the Museum offers lesson plans for educators and guided tours for school groups during the week.

You can learn more about the lesson plans here.


12 East State Street
Media Armory
Media, PA 19063
(610) 566-0788


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