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The Grundy Museum

Victorian-era home of Senator Joseph R. Grundy

The Grundy Museum

The former home of Senator Joseph Ridgway Grundy sits on the banks of the Delaware River. Credit: Courtesy of The Grundy Museum


The Experience

Step inside the Grundy Museum for a glimpse at some of the finest Victorian architecture from the 18th Century. Located on the banks of the scenic Delaware River, the former home of Senator Joseph Ridgway Grundy reflects a true craftsman’s attention to detail and unrivaled woodwork, including cherry, oak, walnut, maple and pine throughout the historic house.

Learn about the life of one of Pennsylvania’s most influential and interesting citizens, a businessman (textiles, banking, newspapers and real estate) active in the civic affairs of Bucks County and Pennsylvania who eventually served in the United States Senate. The entire contents of the home were owned and used by the Grundy family.

The History

At the height of his power in the early part of the 20th Century, the late Senator Joseph Ridgway Grundy ran a prosperous woolen mill and a dairy farm. He was a political leader whose influence was felt as far as the White House and left a lasting impression on a federal, state, county and local level.

Upon the Senator’s death in 1961, his Last Will and Testament established the Grundy Foundation, which carried on his tradition of giving back to his community by directing that the family home, situated along the banks of the Delaware River in Bristol Borough, become a museum of local history. Named in honor of his sister Margaret, who preceded him in death, the Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Museum depicts a genuine Victorian-era experience.

Other Information

Open April through December on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Kids’ Stuff

Learn what it was like to live at a time without television, video games, computers and iPods, and a time when only the wealthy had indoor plumbing and the primary transportation artery was the Delaware River.

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