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Home of Revolutionary War’s General “Mad” Anthony Wayne


The Experience

Having a major battle fought on their front lawn would rattle most people, but not General “Mad” Anthony Wayne. The Paoli Massacre, one of the Revolution’s bloodiest battles, was fought on the doorstep of General Wayne’s home, Historic Waynesborough. While the battle raged, the General’s family went about their daily business.

Frequently, after a hard stint on the frontlines, General Wayne would return home for a good night’s sleep. Sustaining surprisingly little damage, Historic Waynesborough was expanded over the centuries. This spacious Georgian farmhouse features General Wayne’s uniform, Revolutionary War maps and an impressive collection of three centuries of Wayne family furnishings. An introductory video shown in a converted carriage house tells the story of the Battle of Paoli.


In the 1783 Treaty of Paris, the British ceded the Northwest Territory to America. The region’s Native Americans were understandably enraged and halted efforts to settle the territory. Through his military strategies and diplomatic skills, General Anthony Wayne successfully negotiated the Treaty of Greenville with the Native Americans which helped open the territory to U.S. expansion.

Insider Tip

Wayne is buried in two graves. Thirteen years after Wayne’s death and burial in Erie, PA, at the family’s request, his son Isaac brought back the General’s bones for another burial in the family’s plot in Radnor, PA.

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