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1987 by Jody Pinto

The Fingerspan Bridge in the Wissahickon

The Fingerspan Bridge in the Wissahickon Credit: R. Kennedy for GPTMC


Ready for a more rugged hike? In the Wissahickon section of Fairmount Park, the “Form and Function” program commissioned a bridge that resembles a human finger, complete with a “nail” at one end. With this steel span across a picturesque gorge, artist Jody Pinto hoped to make hikers feel a literal connection between the human body and the natural world.

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Walk down Livezey Lane to the creek at a point where the dam and Canoe Club are visible. Turn left and follow hiking trail (15 minutes) to a small steel footbridge, then climb stone steps to Fingerspan.

Like the Clothespin in Center City, Fingerspan is made of weathering steel, intended to rust.


Wissahickon Creek trail near Livezey Dam Philadelphia, PA 19118

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