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Balloons, Helicopters & Airplanes

The chance to float high above the scenic rolling hills of Philadelphia and The Countryside is a thrill long remembered. Experience the quiet serenity of following the path of the sun as it rises or sets.

Delight in the nature that you have become a part of, along with the birds, deer, and foxes native to this part of the country. The majesty of balloon flight is incomparable.

Featured Listings

  • United States Hot Air Balloon Team

    Take to the sky with a scenic balloon ride

    Ride high above the Philadelphia countryside in a hot air balloon.

    Soar over the Philadelphia countryside in the basket of a balloon with the skilled-professionals of the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team.

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  • Riverfront Ramble

    Largest riverfront festival in Delaware County

    The popular Food Festival at Marcus Hook

    A full day of concerts, food and fun more on the Chester riverfront.

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  • Philadelphia International Airport

    The Gateway to Philadelphia and The Countryside®

    Philadelphia International Airport is located just seven miles from downtown Philadelphia with easy access via taxi, train, limousine and shuttle services.

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  • Rotorfest at the American Helicopter Museum

    A super-fun, all-helicopter air show for the whole family

    A super-fun, all-helicopter air show for the whole family

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  • TerraMar Adventures

    Leading outdoor adventures

    Find a group of fellow travelers with this outdoor-adventure company

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  • American Helicopter Museum

    The history of rotorcraft flight from the ground up

    Child playing at the Helicopter Museum.

    The 20,000-square-foot hangar full of 70 years’ worth of vintage helicopters is a rotorwing historian’s dream; here, vintage and modern aircraft demonstrate the copter’s roles in war and rescue missions, agriculture and police surveillance. You’ll see the only V-22 tilt-rotor Osprey in the world that’s on public display, and have the chance to climb into some of the helicopters to fiddle with the dials, switches and pedals.

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