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Fratelli Desiato Vineyards

Italian-style wines made with organically grown grapes


Ever since the Desiato family planted their first grapes in 1993, they’ve done things naturally — growing grapes without pesticides, recycling the rainwater for irrigation and they’ve even been approved for a solar electrical system.

Reservations are required during the week, but every weekend is an Open House. Drop by to check out natural growing techniques, see the old-fashioned winemaking methods used and sample the final product. You can even join in the labeling, bottling, corking or whatever is happening in the vineyard that day.

Come Prepared

Tours are free but reservations are required Monday through Friday. Dress for walking in the fields. Bring proof that you are 21 years of age. Reservations for dinner are always required.

Don’t Miss

Wash your feet for the annual harvest festival on October weekends when you’ll get to join in the traditional-style grape crushing.

You’ll also enjoy a pig roast, music and entertainment, tastings, tours, exhibitions and winemaking demos.

Outsider’s Tip

This is the only Pennsylvania vineyard that features a full-service restaurant, Mamma D’s, where you can enjoy homemade international specialties, many featuring the vineyard’s organically grown tomatoes, olives, spices, basil and other herbs.

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