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Greensgrow Farms

A nationally recognized leader in urban farming


The Experience

The Farm Stand market and Spring Nursery plant market at Greensgrow Farms are open to the public in season, and tours of the farming operation can be arranged upon request.

The Farm Stand market is very popular. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the Farm Stand carries naturally raised eggs and poultry, locally baked breads and baked goods, artisinal cheeses and other items produced locally by local farms, from which Greensgrow regularly buys.

Greensgrow Farms started out as a way to grow the freshest possible produce for some of Philadelphia’s most mouth-watering restaurants. A three-quarter acre hydroponic farm located in one of Philadelphia’s oldest industrial neighborhoods, Greensgrow is now firmly established as one of the nation’s most innovative solutions for abandoned urban communities, proving that abandoned land can be not only reclaimed, but returned to the neighborhood as a valuable asset.

Greensgrow founder and Chief Farm Hand, Mary Seton Corboy, is the founder of the Neighborhood Urban Agriculture Coalition (NUAC), Co-Founder of the Farmers Market Alliance and was named on Organic Style magazine’s top 50 “Environmental Power List” in the November 2004 issue.

The Farmers Market Alliance seeks to strengthen local farming communities while ensuring more choice of quality ingredients to the urban consumer, while the City Support Agriculture program offers consumers a “share” in the seasonal produce, through a co-op of rural growers who supply meat, poultry, dairy and other items not grown on the farm.

Greensgrow, which grows food and flowers on land that as once deemed unusable, serves the local community through school tours and lessons on hydroponics, composting and raising bees. The farm also delivers fresh produce to the senior center once a week via the “mobile market.”

Come Prepared

The Greensgrow Farm Stand is open Thursdays and Saturdays, spring through Thanksgiving. Greensgrow’s Nursery, open from Easter through June, specializes in plants for the urban gardener and garden, especially patios, window boxes and rooftops. Vegetable starters include a collection of herbs and heirloom vegetables.

Don’t Miss

The Farm Stand is stocked with the very best the region has to offer, as the Greensgrow team travels daily to farms in neighboring counties, gathering the best produce out there.

Outsider’s Tip

You’ll be able to read even more about Greensgrow’s adventures in the upcoming book, Farmer In The Hood: Adventures in Urban Agriculture.


2501 E. Cumberland Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 427-2702


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