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Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve

An oasis of restored nature amid quickly developing suburbs

Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve

A view of the land at Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve. Credit: Bill Moses


See a natural ecosystem re-emerging as you explore the oasis of meadows, woodlands and wetlands nestled among the quickly developing suburbs of Blue Bell and North Wales. After being used for agriculture for more than a century, the fields of this 234-acre preserve were dominated by non-native grasses and much of the surrounding woodlands had been cleared.

Today, after careful restoration, the land supports native warm-season grasses and wildflower meadows, woodlands dominated by mixed Pennsylvania hardwoods and two wetland areas.

Gwynedd now serves as a model for natural land restoration, and the experience here guides much of the work at other preserves managed by Natural Lands Trust.

The Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve was once part of Record Farms established in 1872 by William M. Singerly. The property remained in agriculture until 1986, when the property was donated to Natural Lands Trust so that the land would be forever maintained as a wildlife preserve.

Some neighbors of the Preserve have generously allowed the use of their property to extend the Preserve’s trail system.

Please respect their privacy and property by walking only on designated trails. Please do not remove any plants, animals or rocks. To avoid damaging sensitive research, do not enter areas marked “Authorized staff only.”

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The preserve is open from sunrise to sunset and pets must be leashed. Alcoholic beverages, picnics and bikes are not allowed. Preserve Guides and other information are available at the kiosk near the parking area.

Outsider’s Tip

The restoration work has helped to attract a variety of grassland birds such as Meadowlark and Northern Harrier. Native grasslands and wildflower meadows are particularly beautiful in the spring and early summer.

Support Natural Lands Trust

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