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Northbrook Canoe Company

Kayaking, canoeing and tubing along the scenic Brandywine River

Canoeing on the Brandywine River

Canoeing on the Brandywine River Credit: B. Krist for GPTMC


Northbrook Canoe Company offers kayaking, canoeing and tubing along the scenic Brandywine River in Chester County, Pennsylvania, about an hour southwest of Philadelphia.

Northbrook offers seven canoe and kayaking trips of varying length between one and six hours. Shorter trips start upstream and finish at Northbrook while longer trips depart from Northbrook heading downstream. Tubing is also available at two of the shorter departure points. (The friendly people at Northbrook will transport you to/from your start/end point.)

It’s an amazing way to tour the Brandywine Valley and Wyeth Country. Coast downstream along the calm, meandering river and take in the beautiful, bucolic countryside. You’re welcome to take a picnic with you on the boat, but there are also picnic areas and grilled food on site for those who prefer to eat on dry land.

Come Prepared

Northbrook’s season runs from May through September.

Children under 2 are not allowed on the water, and each child under 11 must be accompanied by an adult. Life jackets are provided and they are mandatory.

Reservations are not required but are recommended. (Those with reservations will get priority on busy days.)

And be sure to read Northbrook’s excellent FAQ section on their website.

Outsider’s Tip

The Brandywine River is a Class 1 waterway. The water is very calm, slow and meandering. There are light rapids throughout the trip but overall it’s a nice, easy paced river perfect for a novice or a relaxing ride for the more experienced person.


1810 Beagle Road West Chester, PA 19382
(800) 898-2279

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