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Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course

In Fairmount Park’s Sedgley Woods, the second oldest disc golf course in the Country


The Experience

Try a leisurely game or get involved in competitive play at this off-beat golf course in a gorgeous wooded section of East Fairmount Park. The trees and the rough, forested terrain of Sedgley Woods provide the perfect natural obstacles to make this game challenging and rewarding. Some holes even offer a view of the Schuylkill River.

Disc golf, a great game for people of all ages, gender and skill level, is one of the nation’s fastest growing new sports. Like golf, players win by hitting targets at structured locations and getting through the course with the fewest number of throws.

Come Prepared

Bring your own frisbee. Sedgley Woods is open to the public, parking is free and there are no fees.

Don’t Miss

There’s a New Year’s Day tournament every year, and a round of doubles on Thanksgiving Day, while a doubles league takes place every Thursday year-round.

Outsider’s Tip

If you want to see when upcoming disc golf events or tournaments are scheduled, check out the course’s official website.


33rd and Oxford Streets
East Park
Philadelphia, PA 19121

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