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Zipcar in Philadelphia

More than 350 vehicles in 115 locations throughout the city

Zipcar in Philadelphia

Sign up for Zipcar and pick up a car at the airport, 30th Street Station or tons of other convenient and easy to access spots in the city and you're on your way. Credit: Visit Philadelphia



Zipcar, a convenient car-sharing service, offers Philadelphia residents and visitors access to hundreds of cars for everything from a quick trip to a museum to a day out on the town to a weekend getaway and more.

New to Zipcar

Before you can rent a car, you need to become a member of Zipcar, which you can do on Zipcar’s official website. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you’ll receive your Zipcar membership card within three to seven days.

If you want to drive sooner, you can also pick up a Zipcard at a local Zipcar office. Either way, Zipcar needs to review your driving record before you’re approved to drive, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your trip.

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Zipcar Locations: The Airport, 30th Street Station And More

If you’re already a member or are in the process of becoming one, Zipcar has more than 350 vehicles available at 115 locations within the city, including major transportation hubs like the Philadelphia International Airport, 30th Street Station and more.

To see a full list of all of the Zipcar locations in Philadelphia, click the button below.

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Zipcar in Philadelphia’s Towns of the Countryside

Zipcar is perfect for exploring the natural beauty and charming small towns that make up the Greater Philadelphia region.

There are countless reasons to take a Zipcar out to the towns, from public gardens, arboreta and miles of open space to acres of grape vines and specialty shops. There are even Zipcar locations near a number of Philly’s Towns, including West Chester and Wayne.

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