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Bierstube German Tavern

A haven for German brews and food

Bierstube German Tavern

Located in Old City, Bierstube is haven for those seeking German beer. Credit: Photo courtesy Bierstube German Tavern



Brats, burgers and brews are the staple of this Old City bar, known for its expansive selection of German beers.

On tap at Bierstube, you'll find 23 drafts with a few local options thrown in alongside the hefeweizens, blondes and other German-style beers. The bottles-and-cans list tops 120 options, with corresponding descriptions to give you a glimpse of each offering's origins and flavor profile.

Diners can pair their selection with one of many German-styled dishes from the kitchen. Bierstube serves unique takes on the traditional recipes one would find in the Rhineland region of western Germany. Variations of schnitzle, spaetzle and sauerkraut-topped sausages scatter the menu, along with classic bar fare, including pizza, burgers and more. The restaurant seeks to source a majority of its ingredients from local butchers and farmers, so expect the menu to change seasonally.

While the emphasis here is on beer, Bierstube also offers a sizable wine selection and fully-stocked bar.

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