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Primo Hoagies

It’s not just a hoagie, it’s a Primo

Primo Hoagies

A delicious hoagie from Primo Hoagies Credit: Primo Hoagies



Starting out as a family-operated deli in South Philadelphia with delicious hoagies, Primo Hoagies now boasts over 70 locations serving in four states.

For over 15 years, Primo Hoagies has remained committed to serving fresh, quality hoagies with their own signature spin.

Choose from traditional Italian hoagies made with provolone, prosciutto, hot capacola and salami or Primo’s special creations like the spicy Diablos, topped with a blend of spices and the Schwartzies, made with coleslaw and Russian Dressing,

All hoagies come served on a seeded roll in three sizes: small, Primo and whole. Wraps are also available.

For those planning a party, hoagie trays are available. Primo Hoagies will also ship an authentic hoagie anywhere in the United States. Click here for more information.

Fun Facts

1. The biggest selling hoagie is the Italian Hoagie
2. Whole size hoagie has 2 pounds of meat
3. There are 62 hoagies on the menu
4. The owner’s favorite hoagie is the Sharp Italian
5. Most hoagies with a specialty name are named after family and employees from the original store
6. Primo Hoagies uses 35,000 pounds of meat a week
7. Average bread used in a day is 15,000 rolls


(Original location)
1528 Ritner Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19145

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