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Sarcone’s Deli

Very nearly Hoagie Heaven


The highly coveted rolls at Sarcone's are highly sought-after every day. Credit: B. Krist for GPTMC


In Philadelphia, something you will come to recognize about our famous sandwiches (cheesesteaks and hoagies) is that a great sandwich always begins with the bread. In fact, it may be the single most important component to realizing an amazingly delicious authentic Philadelphia sandwich.

In that case, you can bet the hoagies at Sarcone’s Deli have an immediate advantage. Their family has been baking bread in South Philadelphia’s Italian Market for five generations. The Deli, which opened in 1997 and has been a star ever since, is only about 50 feet away from the famous bakery, on the corner of 9th and Fitzwater.

The Sarcone’s Hoagie Roll is a work of art. A delicately crunchy crust and a soft, dense interior, the combination of which makes for the perfect bread to be filled with meats, cheese, oils, vinegars and herbs.

Name an award and Sarcone’s has won it. And deservingly so. There’s a great selection of hoagies, ranging from the traditional (Italian) to the inspired (Sinatra) and the modern (Ultimate Veggie). But don’t be intimidated, you can not go wrong no matter what you order.

We will, however, go out on a limb and recommend you try the Old Fashioned Italian — it is one incredibly delicious sandwich. An even better idea would be to visit on multiple occasions… that way you’ll be able to enjoy more than just one.

Insider Tip

Try to arrive early. The place is so popular that it can run out of bread by 3 p.m. In fact, Sarcone’s recommends you call ahead to place your order, so that it will be waiting for you upon your arrival. (An absolute must if you’re going on a Sunday during football season — Eagles fans LOVE Sarcone’s.)


734 S. 9th Street (9th and Fitzwater) Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 922-1717

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