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Steve’s Prince of Steaks

Another member of Philly’s cheesesteak royalty.

The cheesesteak at Steve's is easily one of Philly's best. Credit: J. Zale for Visit Philadelphia


Steve’s Prince of Steaks has been a cheesesteak institution in Northeast Philadelphia for more than three decades and now that they’ve opened a location in downtown Philadelphia, more and more happy customers are becoming “loyal subjects” of the Prince…, as the slogan on Steve’s t-shirt happily declares. And for good reason: the cheesesteaks at Steve’s are legit.

Served on a long, thin roll that has just the right amount of chew, the cheesesteak sandwich at Steve’s features large pieces of grilled rib eye and a generous helping of whiz and fried onions. You can substitute American for whiz or choose Provolone or Mozzarella for an extra $0.35, but our recommendation would be to stick with the whiz — it’s a classic.

Protip: if you want to add an element of heat to your cheesesteak at Steve’s, get one with an order of hot roasted peppers on the side and then scatter them onto your sandwich to taste. It’s good eats.

In addition to this very visitor-friendly location in Center City at 16th and Chestnut Streets, there are three other Steve’s locations: the original location in the Northeast at 7200 Bustleton Avenue, another at 2711 Comly Road and another in Langhorne, PA.

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