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Talula’s Daily

High quality on-the-go grub on Washington Square

Talula's Daily

Grab fresh, local ingredients and tasty, on-the-go meals at Talula's Daily. Credit: Talula’s Daily


Neighboring Talula’s Garden in Washington Square, Talula’s Daily offers the same fresh, high quality ingredients for those on-the-go.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Talula’s Daily is both a market and a cafe featuring coffee, sandwiches, salads and cheeses. Order at the counter and enjoy your meal at the indoor counter, outside cafe tables or have an impromptu picnic in Washington Square Park across the street.

Check the chalkboard for daily specials or make reservations for a special supper experience reminiscent of Aimee Olexy’s original destination in Kennett Square, Talula’s Table.

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208 W Washington Square
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 592-6555

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