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Rustic Music

Vintage record and guitar shop near historic Antique Row

A colorful sign along 13th Street beckons you into this time-honored shop Credit: K. Ini for GPTMC


Philadelphia is rich with musical history and there’s no better place to explore it than at Rustic. Vintage recordings and instruments combine with an eye-catching and colorful storefront to create quite a vibe. Musicians, DJs and casual music listeners stop in to pick up old records and to mingle with other appreciators of good music.

Rustic offers a wide selection of used CDs, vinyl records, second-hand guitars and other hard-to-find instruments, equipment and accessories. And it’s the only music supply store in Center City that stays open on Sundays — which is especially helpful to those musicians who happen to break a string.

Rustic Music is also happy to help out of town visitors take home a piece of musical Philly. If you’re short of space in your luggage, they can ship their merchandise directly to your home. And if you’re on the road, their on-site repair shop will fix up your favorite instrument in no time.

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