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Smak Parlour

Contemporary designs with a hip, vintage twist

Bring a good friend to help you find great duds at Smak Parlour Credit: B. Krist for GPTMC


Smak Parlour, a dollhouse-like establishment nestled in Old City, is a deliciously edgy boutique where city-wise shoppers dabble in the hip and flirty.

Bejeweled mini-dresses and cropped jackets lay atop pink display tables, giving the one-room boutique the appearance of Marie Antoinette’s dressing room, or perhaps the inside of a jewelry box. Indeed, pearls and pink are the fashion at Smak Parlour, a veritable dream house for the fashionable city girl.

Not that Smak Parlour is all nice — founders Abby and Kate, who design all of the store’s garments and accessories, have created a perfect marriage of sugar and spice. Denim dresses befitting a 1950s pinup model are ornamented with red plastic hearts, while flirtatiously long earrings and necklaces drip with either faux rubies or vintage Barbie heels.

If dress-up isn’t in your fashion itinerary, Abby and Kate have several work-friendly tricks up their sleeves, offering seersucker blazers, A-line skirts and perfect-fit collared shirts to their devoted shoppers.

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