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Top Picks

Check out our Top Picks for a series of short articles full of fun suggestions for great things to do in and around Philadelphia.

We make things easy for you — we give you plenty of top recommendations and then you can pick and choose the places you like best.

Top Picks gives you the best of Philly: everything from bars under the stars to the city’s best ice cream cones.

  • Top Things To Do In Philadelphia In October 2015

    Cheeseteaks, Harry Potter, awesome fall fests and more

    Midtown Village Fall Festival

    October in Philadelphia means dozens of fall festivals, celebrations of both Harry Potter and cheesesteaks, new art exhibitions and more.

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  • Top Fall Festivals in Philadelphia

    Best autumn happenings featuring the sights and tastes and autumn

    Fall in Philadelphia means cool air, colorful foliage, tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables and some of the year’s most popular events. The fall festival season is perfect for sampling the bounty of the autumn harvest or seeing what’s next in the world of fashion. Read on for more of our favorite festivals happening in Philadelphia this fall.

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  • Top Reasons To Come Back To Philly After The Pope’s Visit

    Plenty of exciting events and activities happening after Pope Francis’ trip to the city

    Long after Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia, the city will still be brimming with energy and excitement. Check out our top reasons to head back into the city this fall.

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  • Top Oktoberfest Celebrations and Fall Beer Festivals in Philadelphia

    Beer, brats and block parties all season long

    Get ready for beer steins and bratwursts as Philadelphia celebrates Oktoberfest. The city’s version of the traditional German festival is bigger than ever with massive street-fairs, plentiful beer specials and neighborhood activities.

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  • Top 50 Must-See Attractions In Philadelphia

    Explore the City of Brotherly Love’s iconic and can’t-miss experiences

    From the historic Liberty Bell to the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art, here’s a look at the most popular and can't-miss attrac

    From the historic Liberty Bell to the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art, here’s a look at the most popular and can’t-miss attractions and museums that make Philadelphia a world-class city.

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  • #VISITPHILLY Photo Spots

    Snap and share photos in front of Philadelphia’s iconic structures and places

    XOXO marks the spot this summer in Philadelphia thanks to fun #VISITPHILLY Photo Spots located at highly trafficked and iconic areas throughout the city.

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  • Where to Find the Top Coffee Shops and Espresso Bars in Philadelphia

    Ultimate guide of must-visit cafes for coffee lovers

    The wave of coffee enthusiasm is clearly here to stay in Greater Philadelphia with many cafes roasting signature beans and crafting amazing caffeinated beverages. Check out our interactive guide to 30 of the best spots for the perfect cup of coffee around the city.

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  • Top Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free Restaurants in Philadelphia

    Delicious meat-free dining sure to satisfy

    Veg-loving visitors to Philly have plenty of options from which to choose—upscale white tablecloth restaurants dishing out inventive vegetable creations to casual spots serving up raw foods and gluten-free dishes.

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  • The Best Places to Shop for Menswear in Philadelphia

    Your go-to guide for the city’s top menswear shops.

    Style-wise, most major cities are melting pots. But when it comes to menswear, these Philadelphia shops stand out from all of the rest.

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  • The Top Multicultural Festivals in Philadelphia in 2015

    Internationals sights, sounds and flavors shine at top Philadelphia festivals

    The Top Multicultural Festivals in Philadelphia in 2015

    Explore the sights, sounds and flavors of the world at a stellar selection of multicultural festivals and events coming to Philly in 2015.

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  • Guide to African-American Churches and Places of Worship in Philadelphia

    Experience our city’s top faith-based institutions — from large congregations and megachurches to historically significant places of worship

    From massive, modern “megachurches” like Enon Tabernacle in Mt. Airy and Sharon Baptist in West Philadelphia to historically significant assemblies like Mother Bethel and Tindley Temple, here is a list of some of the city’s most impressive and significant African-American churches which welcome thousands of worshippers throughout the year.

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  • A Trail of Sacred Sites in Greater Philadelphia

    From shrines to synagogues, the City of Brotherly Love has spirit

    People walk on hallowed ground when they visit Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church, the “Mother” Church of

    Thanks to their history, architecture or emotional resonance, Greater Philadelphia’s sacred places make the area an awe-inspiring place to visit, providing physical testaments to the indomitable spirit of people who made great sacrifices for the liberty to worship as they please. Here’s a look at the region’s old and new sacred sites.

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  • The Top Places to See Impressionist Art in Philadelphia

    Discovering the Impressionists joins works by Monet, Renoir, Cassatt and others around town

    Philadelphia’s many outstanding museums showcase stellar permanent impressionist collections that art lovers can admire all year

    Philadelphia’s many outstanding museums showcase stellar permanent impressionist collections that art lovers can admire all year long. Here’s a look at where to see Philadelphia’s impressive impressionism collections.

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  • Top Reasons Philadelphia Is One Of The Best Biking Cities

    Trails, bike lanes and the all-new bike share make the city a haven for cyclists

    Philadelphia is quickly becoming one of the most bike-friendly big cities in the country with dedicated bike lanes on city streets, hundreds of miles of trails and a growing number of bicycle commuters.

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  • Top Beer Festivals Coming to Philadelphia in 2015

    Upcoming events in one of the best beer-drinking cities in the U.S.

    Top Beer Festivals Coming to Philadelphia in 2015

    As one of the best beer-drinking cities in the U.S., Philadelphia sets a high bar for beer events. Here’s a selection of some of the oldest, largest, quirkiest and most popular celebrations of the artisanal sud coming to the region in 2015.

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  • Discover the Sound of Philly

    Explore our curated Spotify playlists for the songs that define the city

    Discover the Sound of Philly

    Philadelphia has a unique sound of its own, so we’ve put together a collection of songs on Spotify that define the city.

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  • Top Events, Festivals and Exhibitions Coming to Philadelphia in 2015

    A month-by-month guide to the biggest, can’t-miss events coming to Philly this year

    Top Events and Festivals

    Festivals, athletic events, art shows, parades and cultural events; to help you plan your next visit (or three) to Philadelphia, we’ve put together some of the most exciting happenings each month in 2015.

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  • Where to Find the Best Grilled Cheese in Philadelphia

    Our favorite variations of the classic comfort food at city eateries

    Grilled Cheese

    Nostalgic and consistently comforting, the grilled cheese is an understated iconic sandwich. To help you find the ultimate grilled cheese, we’ve put together a few of our favorite variations found at Philadelphia eateries.

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  • Top 12 Must-Attend Sporting Events Coming To Philadelphia in 2015

    12 can’t-miss sporting events coming to the City of Brotherly Love in 2015

    Sports fans have plenty of reasons to visit Philadelphia in 2015. This year, the city will welcome some of the most talented athletes in the world for professional sporting events, long-standing races and exciting competitions.

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  • Quintessential Rocky Tour of Philadelphia

    City attractions and locations seen in the Rocky films

    Philadelphia was forever immortalized on celluloid with the tale of an aspiring boxer with the Academy Award-winning 1976 film _

    Philadelphia was forever immortalized on celluloid with the tale of an aspiring boxer with the Academy Award-winning 1976 film Rocky. Get yourself into fighting shape and explore city locations frequented by the beloved fictional Philadelphian.

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  • 11 New Hotels Coming to Philadelphia in 2015 and Beyond

    There are some major new hotel projects in the pipeline for the City of Brotherly Love.

    After Philadelphia saw its highest occupancy rate ever in 2014, a number of high profile hotel projects are on the books to open in Philadelphia in the next few years. Read on for news on a dozen major new hotels that are coming to Philadelphia.

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  • Philadelphia Attractions Making Headlines in 2015

    Visit the attractions, restaurants and destinations that have the nation talking

    Philadelphia enjoyed some spectacular press in the first months of 2015. Check out 22 city spots that have gained national attention in the beginning of 2015.

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  • Top 17 Reasons to Visit Philadelphia in 2015

    The Pope, bike sharing, an observation deck and more

    Top 15 Things to Look Forward to in Philadelphia in 2015

    From the pope’s visit and the launch of Philadelphia Bike Share to a blockbuster Impressionism exhibition and the return of Spruce Street Harbor Park, 2015 is going to be an awesome year in Philly. Here are some of the major happenings taking place.

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  • Where to Find the Best Meatballs in Philadelphia

    They come in all types and sizes, but just one shape

    The B+V+P stands for beef, pork and veal at neo-red sauce joint Little Nonna’s.

    Meatballs abound in Philadelphia. From traditional Italian versions with gravy to Vietnamese pork balls in noodle soup, vegetarian tofu-ball sandwiches to luxuriant rounds of hand-rolled short-rib, here are some of the most memorable meatballs in the region.

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  • The Biggest Gay and Lesbian Events Coming to Philadelphia in 2015

    Parties, art exhibitions, film festivals and more

    The Biggest Gay and Lesbian Events Coming to Philadelphia in 2015

    As one of the best destinations for LGBT travelers, Philadelphia has a stacked 2015 with weekly parties, annual gay pride events, art exhibitions and film and theater fests. Here’s a look at the best events by the night, week, month and year.

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  • Where To See African-American Art In Philadelphia In 2015

    African-American art shines at top Philadelphia museums, galleries and exhibitions

    Top Ways To See African American Art In Philadelphia In 2015

    In 2015, Philly will host a number major exhibitions featuring African-American artists, including shows at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Brandywine River Museum and more. Here are the exhibits, galleries and museums worth exploring this year.

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  • The Craft Distilleries & Spirits Trail Of Greater Philadelphia

    See why small-batch distilling is booming in the region

    The Craft Distilleries & Spirits Trail Of Greater Philadelphia

    In just over two years, craft distilling has boomed in the Philadelphia region, helping to restore Pennsylvania to its once-prominent place in the national distilling conversation. Here’s a look at the region’s distilling pioneers.

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  • Top 10 Spots for Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks

    Our picks for the best places to go for an Authentic Philly Cheesesteak experience

    Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks

    Here in Philly, cheesesteaks are a civic icon, a tourist draw and a cultural obsession. Often imitated around the world, the cheesesteak is rarely duplicated successfully outside of Philadelphia. So what is an authentic cheesesteak and where did it come from? Here’s the lowdown on this region’s favorite sandwich.

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  • Where to Find the Best Ramen in Philadelphia

    Our favorite spots around Philadelphia

    To master its flavorful broth, Nom Nom Ramen in Rittenhouse soaks pork bones for more than 24 hours to extract all the richness.

    Philadelphia has seen a surge in restaurants serving real, hearty ramen that will make those days waiting at the microwave seem like a distant memory. Read on for our picks for the best ramen in Philadelphia.

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  • Top 12 Family-Friendly Attractions

    Philadelphia attractions where kids can learn, play and explore

    Academy of Natural Sciences

    Explore a dozen of our favorite family-friendly museums, parks and attractions that will keep the entire family engaged and happy throughout your entire trip.

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  • Top 10 Free Philadelphia Attractions

    Popular places to visit — with no admission required

    The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

    For families and budget-conscious travelers eager to explore the region, there are plenty of fantastic, FREE attractions to discover in Philadelphia.

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  • Where to Find the Best Doughnuts in Philadelphia

    Favorite spots for the fried, glazed, dipped and filled treats

    Philadelphia’s bakeries and restaurants offer a wide variety of doughnuts topped with sugary blends, stuffed with a variety of sweet surprises or glazed with any number of fantastic flavors. Browse a few of our favorites.

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  • Philadelphia’s Sandwich Hall Of Fame

    An ode to Philadelphia’s wealth of almost impossibly delicious sandwiches

    Philadelphia's best sandwiches

    Nothing speaks to Philadelphia’s love of great food more than our appreciation of an amazing sandwich. From the world-famous Philly cheesesteak to its less famous, but equally delicious brother, the hoagie, to the third juggernaut in Philly’s sandwich triumvirate, the roast pork sandwich, Philadelphia loves genuinely incredible sandwiches. We know them. We love them. We eat them. It’s what we do. And this Sandwich Hall of Fame is our ode to Philadelphia’s greatest sandwiches.

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  • Best Brunch Spots in Philadelphia

    Weekends are made for brunching in the city

    Weekends were made for brunching — chatting with friends, digging into a stack of syrupy pancakes, lingering over a latte or a Bloody Mary. Check out more than 100 of our favorite brunch spots in Philadelphia.

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  • Top Five Sky-High Vantage Points in Philadelphia

    The best places to go in Philly when you’re looking for observation deck-like views

    philadelphia city hall tower observation deck

    Did you know that Philadelphia’s City Hall has an observation deck at the top of its 500-foot tower? It does. And it’s awesome. This is our guide to the top five places around the city that offer spectacular sky-high views of Philadelphia.

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  • Guide to the Best Burgers in Philadelphia

    Satisfy your carnivore craving with some of the best hamburgers in the city

    Alla Spina

    Philadelphia is quickly becoming Burger Town, U.S.A. as new burger joints are popping up all over town.

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  • Top Places to Watch the Sunset in Philadelphia

    Our favorite spots for the twilight hour

    One of our favorite ways to find inspiration is heading outside and relaxing with the beautiful colors of the setting sun. Check out our favorite spots to watch the sunset in Philadelphia.

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