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Pictured: Philadelphia Trolley Works ('76 Carriage Company)

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  • Big Bus Tours

    See Philadelphia from the top of a double-decker bus

    Double-Decker bus at Independence Hall

    Now you can experience the unique history and beauty of Philadelphia from an authentic London-style double-decker bus.

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  • Philadelphia Carriage Company

    Ride through the streets of Philadelphia like they did in Colonial times

    One of the nation’s oldest carriage companies, Philadelphia Carriage Company wants to show you Philadelphia the way it was always meant to be seen — by horse-drawn carriage. All their horses are draft horses from Lancaster County, PA, are able to pull up to five times their own weight and work no more than 40 hours a week.

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  • Philadelphia PHLASH
    Downtown Loop

    Get around Philadelphia in a PHLASH

    See Philadelphia's most popular attractions aboard the PHLASH bus.

    The PHLASH is the quick, easy and inexpensive connection to key Philadelphia historic attractions and cultural institutions.

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  • Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours

    Touring the city’s top attractions for more than 25 years

    Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours

    Explore dozens of Philadelphia’s top attractions aboard the colorful double-decker buses of Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours.

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  • Philadelphia Trolley Works (‘76 Carriage Company)

    This longtime Philadelphia company offers several options for touring the town

    Philadelphia Trolley Works

    You’ve got your options for touring Philadelphia, including Victorian Trolley Tours, Horse Drawn Carriage Tours and Double Decker Bus Tours.

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  • Philly By Night

    An after-hours tour of Historic Philadelphia from the revered Philadelphia Trolley Works

    The Philly By Night tour rides past Independence Hall.

    Want a taste of Historic Philadelphia under the night sky? The Philly By Night tour — an extension of the Big Bus tour from Philadelphia Trolley Works — takes off nightly for a city-wide tour of Philadelphia’s most notable attractions.

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  • Your Philadelphia Tour

    Design your own historical and cultural excursion in the City of Brotherly Love

    Your Philadelphia Tour allows tour-goers to create their own custom guided tour.

    Your Philadelphia Tour seeks to offer a different way to see and learn about the City of Brotherly Love: by putting the tour-goers in charge.

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