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CREDIT: M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia

CREDIT: M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelpihia

CREDIT: R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia

CREDIT: R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia

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Top Haunted Attractions in Philadelphia

The historic region is full of restless spirits and ghostly encounters

As one of the oldest cities in the country, Philadelphia’s historic landmarks and iconic attractions are a favorite destination for ghost hunters from around the world.

The cells have long been empty at Eastern State Penitentiary, but many believe the spirits of former inmates remain behind the looming walls of the historic prison. In the streets of Philadelphia’s Historic District, Benjamin Franklin is sometimes seen frolicking with his fellow Founding Fathers while the ghost of famed author Edgar Allan Poe has been spotted ruminating in his former home.

Read on to discover more of the haunted locations and restless spirits that are said to roam the region to this day.

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Elfreth's Alley

Haunted history on the nation’s oldest continuously inhabited residential street

Take a walk down the nation’s oldest residential street and you could catch a ghostly glimpse of one of the some 3,000 people who have lived along this eerie alleyway. There are rumors that a soldier was hanged on Elfreth’s Alley, and several visitors have even been able to nab what they consider to be photographic evidence of paranormal activity.
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The Philadelphia Zoo

Spirited activity in the nation's first zoo

The oldest zoo in America harbors more than 1,300 animals and, allegedly, a few non-living friends. The John Penn house at the Philadelphia Zoo is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman in a long dress who stands at the top of the staircase. Meanwhile, the Treehouse Building and The Pennrose Building have said to have major paranormal activity going on that just might physically move you — poltergeist-style.
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City Tavern

Serving up all of the culinary tradition of the colonials, City Tavern also regularly dishes out some frightening spirits of the bygone era that they aim to keep hold of. Look out because you just might end up getting served by the former waiter that’s supposedly always on the job.
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Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

Find the spirit of the famous author at his former home

American literature’s most beloved teller of dark and mysterious tales spent several years expounding on evil thoughts in Philadelphia. While you can stop by the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site on one of the city’s ghost tours, come on your own so you can stay and conjure the spirit of Poe, which is said to still linger here.
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Gruesome stains remain in the historic home

Germantown Avenue has a haunted adventure waiting for you at Grumblethorpe, the former summer home of the Wister family. The house is said to be haunted by the bloody spirit of British General James Agnew, who was fatally wounded and died in the house during the Battle of Germantown. If the legends don’t creep you out, the still-visible blood stain on the floor might do the trick.
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Saint Peter's Episcopal Church

Ghostly carriages and ancient Native American chiefs

At Saint Peter's Episcopal Church, people have claimed they’ve seen a horse and carriage charging across the cemetery lawn, which is one heck of a ghost sighting. Also keep your eyes peeled for non-living Native American Chiefs roaming around. Oh, and there’s the colonial African-American ghost, too. Check it out on your own or visit with the Spirits of ’76 Tours.
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Bishop White House

Yellow fever left a lingering mark on this Philadelphia home

The Bishop White House at 3rd and Walnut streets was the former residence of Bishop White, the chaplain to the Second Constitutional Convention and the U.S. Senate in the late 1700s. During the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793, Bishop lost one of five house residents and likely many more from within his ministry and charity clientele. See if you can feel the eerie, phantom sensations the rangers report from walking through the place at dark.
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Library Hall

Frolic with the ghost of Ben Franklin

Many stories persist of the ghost of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin seen climbing down from his statue at Library Hall and dancing in the streets of the Historic District. In addition to jovial spirit sightings, some say he can be found wandering through the building with an armful of books.
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