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Jurassic World: The Exhibition at
The Franklin Institute

Come face to face with life-like animatronic dinosaurs

Snap a photo with this brontosaurus at Jurassic World: The Exhibition Credit: M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia


November 25, 2016 – April 23, 2017


Starting in late November 2016, visitors to The Franklin Institute will be able to explore thousands of square feet of dinosaur-inhabited galleries when the museum opens a groundbreaking new exhibit that brings life-like animatronic creatures to town.

The museum debuts the North American premiere of Jurassic World: The Exhibition, a major traveling exhibition created by Universal Studios and Creature Technology Company (the group behind Walking With Dinosaurs and King Kong) in its expansive Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion.

The exhibition brings guests to Isla Nublar and into the Jurassic World universe as VIP guests of the park. Museum-goers can look forward to recreated moments from the film and displays of the actual sites within the Jurassic World park.

The exhibition space uses lush, tropical decor to create an environment that resembles Isla Nublar in the award-winning film. The tropical-inspired space is complete with moving dinosaurs, facts about the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, fossils and so much more.

Throughout the exhibition, guests will come face-to-face with dozens of life-like animatronic dinosaurs that were created with oversight of renowned paleontologists — including Jack Horner who oversaw the dinosaur development in the film. Museum guests can check out moving, roaring examples of a 24-foot tall Brachiosaurus, a Stegosaurus, a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pachyrhinosaurus and more.

Raptor Training Paddock

Debuting at The Franklin Institute as part of the Jurassic World: The Exhibition is an awesome new Raptor Training Paddock. Here, visitors enter and witness life-size animatronic (yet still terrifying) raptors roaming throughout the paddock.

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