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Declaration (Graff) House

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence here

Declaration (Graff) House

Declaration (Graff) House Credit: R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia


The Experience

The all-important words that created a new nation were written by Thomas Jefferson at the home of Jacob Graff. Jr. Visitors can view first-floor exhibits and a short film regarding Jefferson’s endeavors at the home where he rented two second-floor rooms from Graff, a well-known bricklayer.

The recreated Georgian structure on the second floor features the parlor that Jefferson worked in, as well as his bedroom where it’s likely he was attended to by a slave who accompanied him from Virginia. Period furnishings, some recreated, can also be seen.


Originally built in 1775, the red-brick house at Seventh and Market streets was reconstructed in 1975. In June 1776, Jefferson traveled to Philadelphia to attend the second Continental Congress and joined in the call for the colonies to breakaway from Great Britain. He was chosen to write the Declaration’s timeless words. Jefferson completed the job in about three weeks.

Other Information

Call for hours because they change seasonally

Insider Tip

A conversation with the site’s ranger is quite helpful, providing excellent reference information. Books can be bought at the site.

Kids’ Stuff

There’s some material for youngsters, especially upstairs where period artifacts and memorabilia can be observed.

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