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The Comcast Experience HD Video Wall – Comcast Center

A mesmerizing digital video display in the lobby of the Comcast Center

The Comcast Experience HD Video Wall

The Comcast Experience HD Video Wall Credit: Courtesy Comcast Center



Inside the Winter Garden (the main public lobby) of the Comcast Center. The Comcast Center is located at the northwest corner of 17th and Arch Streets.

Astounding Clarity

The Comcast Experience Video Wall is the largest four-millimeter LED screen in the world.

Spanning 83.3 feet wide by 25.4 feet high, the 2,100 square-foot video wall brings spectacular original programming to visitors 18 hours a day.

The wall displays thousands of unique hours of programming, created exclusively for The Comcast Experience Video Wall.

Public Art for the 21st Century

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts had this to say about why Comcast wanted to give this unique ammenity to Philadelphia:

“Given the strong relationship between Comcast and Liberty and Philadelphia, we wanted to make this special gift to the City in connection with the construction and building of our new headquarters.

“Philadelphia is known for its public art and The Comcast Experience is a tribute to the spirit of creativity and technology that is part of the fabric of this city.”


Utilizing a technique called “3-Camera Panorama,” which involves placing three high-definition cameras side-by-side and filming everything from spectacular nature footage to urban landscapes, a seamless, wide-screen vista is created.

This realistic imagery offers 10 million pixels of clarity — five times the resolution of hi-definition TV — supplemented with computer-generated images of amazingly realistic quality, producing a vivid virtual world.

The system that delivers the content to the screen has the ability to make a pre-designed selection from a bank of hundreds of images. The selection from the delivery system is random in nature, in order to create an array of ever-changing imagery.

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