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Museum of the American Revolution

An expansive collection of art and artifacts from the nation’s Revolutionary Period

Museum of the American Revolution

The brand-new Museum of the American Revolution promises 118,000 square feet full of art, manuscripts and printed works from the nation's Revolutionary Period. Credit: J. Fusco for the Museum of the American Revolution



Philadelphia was one of the crucial hubs of the American Revolution, which makes the city’s Historic District the perfect place for its newest, all-encompassing museum. The Museum of the American Revolution is an absolute treat for American history buffs!

Encompassing 118,000 square feet, the space holds an expansive collection of art, manuscripts and printed works from the nation’s Revolutionary Period. It also displays a range of objects gathered from and pertaining to the Revolutionary War, including British, French and American weapons used in battle and personal diaries written in camp.

One of the most anticipated pieces in the museum is General Washington’s Headquarters Tent, an iconic piece of history where President George Washington slept and made world-changing decisions. The tent is part of a multimedia presentation about Washington.

Other key elements include a two-story replica of the Liberty Tree, which shaded colonists as they discussed a revolt against the British, a large-scale replica of an 18th-century ship that visitors can climb aboard and an immersive discussion between members of the Oneida Indian Nation. Nearly 500 artifacts in total are on display alongside more than 20 life-like figures.

The exhibitions also give an inclusive picture of the American Revolution that is often overlooked by other institutions. Explore stories of enslaved and free Africans, Native Americans and women — in addition to the Founding Fathers and Revolutionary War soldiers — through immersive displays and fascinating artifacts that create a modern storytelling experience.

Visitors will find that the galleries within the museum are organized chronologically to take you on a journey from the beginning of the conflict in the 1760s through the creation of our nation.

The exhibition space also dives into the challenges of creating a new nation and the Revolutions’ enduring impact on those around the globe.

Guide to the Museum of the American Revolution

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Audiovisual Highlights

There are 31 different audiovisual experiences (!), which include theaters, major interactive screens and soundscapes.

Ten theaters throughout the museum help tell the story of the Revolution. The first theater, the orientation theater, sets the stage for the history of the Revolution with information about the Revolution’s causes, important moments and its legacy today.

Another thrilling theatrical moment comes at the Battlefield Theater, where museum guests are put on the front lines of the Continental Army during a British attack. Throughout the show, gunshots erupt, the floor shakes, strobe lights flash and smoke fills the room.


Timed tckets to the museum can be purchased online.

Tickets for the Museum of the American Revolution are $19 for adults, $17 for students, active or retired military, and AAA and AARP members with ID, and $12 for children ages 6 and up. Children ages 5 and under are free.

Group tickets and memberships are also available. For more details and to purchase tickets, click the button below.

Tickets for the Museum of the American Revolution

More Information

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More about the Museum of the American Revolution

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