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The Thinker

Rodin’s iconic statue sits in quiet reflection on the Parkway

The Thinker at the Rodin Museum

The Thinker at the Rodin Museum Credit: J. Smith for GPTMC


Silently perched along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Auguste Rodin’s iconic sculpture greets visitors as they enter the Rodin Museum.

Rodin originally conceived a smaller version of this sculpture to sit atop his monumental bronze portal entitled The Gates of Hell (1880-1917) – which are also on view at the museum. The figure was intended to represent Italian poet Dante Alighieri pondering The Divine Comedy, his epic story of Paradise and Inferno. However, in 1889 Rodin exhibited the sculpture independently of The Gates, giving it the title The Thinker, and in 1902 he embarked on this larger version.


Benjamin Franklin Parkway and 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19101
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