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Philadelphia’s classic gay bar


Woody's Credit: By J. Smith for GPTMC


You’ll know you’ve arrived in the Gayborhood when you see Woody’s gay flags beckoning you to the club and bar. Woody’s is the traditional first stop on any proper first visit to the Gayborhood. This is classic Philadelphia, a genuine spot where gay men and their friends go for a good night out.

Woody’s has a traditional bar on the first floor and a coffee room for more intimate chats. The second floor offers streaming videos and a cyber bar with three free Internet booths. And the dance floor is always packed. There’s also a full menu, especially popular for lunch.

Insider’s Tip

Take a two-stepping lesson on Sunday evenings. Woody’s has a non-so secret country western following.

Woody’s Honored by Out Magazine

Adding to its esteemed reputation, Woody’s was recently named one of the “50 Greatest Gay Bars in the World” by Out Magazine.

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