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Schuylkill Banks

Philadelphia’s newest riverfront destination for playing, living, working and having fun

Schuylkill Banks

Kayaking in the Schuylkill River Credit: R. Kennedy for GPTMC


The Experience

Spanning eight miles of riverfront winding through the heart of Philadelphia, Schuylkill Banks is open year-round for walking, jogging, cycling, picnics and dog-walking. The park stretches along the Schuylkill River and links the western edge of Center City to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fairmount Park and Kelly Drive via the Schuylkill River Park and Trail.

Schuylkill Banks offers outdoor movie screenings in the summer, while scenic cruises and kayak tours on the river take in various historic sites.

Schuylkill Banks is part of the Schuylkill River Trail, a 23-mile link from Philadelphia to Valley Forge National Historical Park, and part of the nationally designated Schuylkill River National Heritage Area. Plans call for a continuous trail following the river, which starts in the headwaters of Schuylkill County and winds 130 miles down to its confluence with the Delaware River, at the southern tip of the city of Philadelphia.

Come Prepared

Schuylkill Banks is a great summer retreat, offering special activities all season long. Check out the Meet Me on the Banks Activity Guide for a complete schedule of kayak tours, movies, river cruises and more.

Outsider’s Tip

Schuylkill Banks can be accessed by ramps from Market and Chestnut Streets, stairs at Walnut Street and JFK Boulevard or at-grade crossings at Locust Street, Race Street and Martin Luther King Drive. The Locust and Race Street access points cross an active rail line – please cross carefully.

Volunteer at the new Schuylkill Banks Center

The Schuylkill Banks Center is a mini-visitor center for Schuylkill Banks. It has maps, tour tickets, merchandise and more. The Center is currently seeking volunteers. Find out more at the Schuylkill Banks website.


25th Street and Locust Street
(One of several access points)
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 222-6030

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