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Parking in Philadelphia

Where and how to stash your car while exploring the city

Philadelphia, one of the country’s most walkable cities, is incredibly easy to navigate either by foot or by public transportation. That just leaves the question: Where to park the car?

Garages vs. On-Street Parking

Philadelphia has thousands of metered spots throughout the city, perfect if you only plan to park for an hour or two. If you want to spend the day wandering, finding a reasonably priced garage will save you from over-spending on meters — not to mention getting a parking ticket.

Parking Locator

Looking for a place to stash your car for the duration of your visit? Check out the handy parking locator from the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) by clicking the button below.

PPA Parking Locator

Parking Deals

Looking for a place to park that won’t break the vacation budget? Check out our Parking Deals page by clicking the button below. It’s an exhaustive list of every parking discount and deal in the city. (You’ll even find some free lots on that list!)

Parking Deals

Hotel Packages With Free Hotel Parking

Staying overnight? We have a number of hotel packages that come with free hotel parking, including our famous Philly Overnight Hotel Package. Click the button below for more info.

Hotel Packages

New Meters

All around the city, the PPA has been replacing coin-operated meters with a kiosk system. These kiosks accept a variety of payment methods (including credit cards) and issue a printed ticket you place inside your windshield. Many neighborhoods have already switched over, so make sure to read parking signs carefully prior to leaving your car.

meterUp App

Paying for parking in Philly just got easier! Skip the parking kiosks altogether and download the PPA’s meterUP app to pay for parking via your smartphone. Simply park wherever you see a meterUP sign, download the app, follow the instructions and you’re all set! Click the button below for more on how to use meterUP!

More about meterUp

Parking for Scooters and Motorcycles

There are specific, metered parking spaces allotted for scooters and motorcycles throughout the city placed at the end of blocks and clearly painted to line up on an angle. Click the button below for a comprehensive list.

Scooter and motorcycle Parking Spaces

Airport Parking

Need to pick someone up at the airport or park while you’re away for the weekend? Economy parking is available for a daily flat rate of $11 with complementary shuttle service to all terminals. Click the button below for more information about parking at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Airport parking

Neighborhood Parking

Some Philly neighborhoods offer permit parking for area residents. Visitors are allowed to park on these streets for up to two hours but will be ticketed if they stay longer than that. Read the street signs carefully before leaving your car.

Cost Per Drive

Curious how much your trek to Philadelphia will cost? Check out AAA’s fuel cost calculator, which allows you to see approximately how much your drive will impact your budget.

Fuel Cost Caluclator

Use Public Transit

Philadelphia is expertly served by public transportation, so another good option is to leave your car at the hotel once you arrive. Click the button below for more information about taking SEPTA.


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