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Di Bruno Bros.

A glistening specialty food emporium providing a veritable feast for the senses

Di Bruno Bros.

Cheesecave at the Chestnut Street Di Bruno Bros. Credit: R. Kennedy for GPTMC


The Di Bruno Bros. specialty store on Chestnut Street is an absolute must-see if you appreciate food. At all.

Seriously. This place is very close to a boutique foodies heaven.

The exciting new store boasts a 300-square foot cheese cave and two temperature and moisture-controlled aging rooms, allowing Di Bruno’s to offer the area’s largest selection of international cheeses — in excess of 500 varieties.

But the cheese is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an extensive selection of specialty products from around the world. The charcuterie department offers a vast selection of gourmet meats, pates and prepared foods as well as a delectable selection of smoked fish and caviar. The recently-added seafood and butchery wing is a veritable star for fish fans and landlubbers alike.

And before you buy anything, go ahead and taste it. There are samples in just about every corner of the space. Moreover, the ultra-friendly staff behind the various counters at Di Bruno Bros. couldn’t be more knowledgeable and willing to help. So whether you’re looking for a few new cheeses that will take your next pasta dinner to sublime levels, or for a variety of treats to compose the ultimate antipasto for your next party, the staff at Di Bruno Bros. is there for you.

Meanwhile, on the second floor, “Upstairs at Di Bruno’s” there’s an upscale casual café offering daily lunch service and weekend brunch. There’s a rotisserie, a pizza oven and a gourmet kitchen that prepares everything from grilled kobe burgers to sushi and salads.


In 1939, three brothers immmigrated to Philadelphia from Italy. With nothing more than fifth-grade educations and grand ambitions, they opened Di Bruno Bros. at 930 S. Ninth Street, in the heart of today’s Italian Market in South Philadelphia.

They introduced an extensive selection of imported and domestic cheeses, gourmet meats, olive oils and other specialty items to Philadelphia and coupled it all with a reputation of excellent quality, value and customer service. The rest, as they say, is history.

Additional Locations

Di Bruno Bros. original location still stands in the Italian Market:
930 S. 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

In 2008, Di Bruno Bros. opened a location in the Market at the Comcast Center:
1701 JFK Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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