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Tony Luke’s

The age-old dilemma: the Cheesesteak or the Roast Pork Italian

A Philly cheesesteak from Tony Luke's

A steak topped with Cheez Whiz and onions — known as a “Whiz Wit” to locals. Credit: J. Varney for Visit Philadelphia


Located next to an I-95 underpass on an otherwise dull stretch of Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia, Tony Luke’s is a Philadelphia institution. There’s no need for an inside here — you order and pick up your sandwich from the street side windows and feast upon your reward at the outdoor picnic-style tables. When ordering, don’t be offended if the staff seems a bit a less than friendly; they take pride in giving a hard time to both regulars and first-timers. It’s part of Tony Luke’s lure.

While the menu of countless delicious “Old Philly Style Sandwiches” can seem overwhelming, you can’t go wrong with either the Cheesesteak (with Wiz or American) of the Roast Pork Italian, the two most popular choices by far.

The Cheesesteak is thick and juicy and sure to impress. Bud don’t overlook the Roast Pork Italian, considered by many to be not only Tony Luke’s best sandwich, but also to be the finest Italian Roast Pork sandwich in the city. Stuffed with tender and spicy roast pork, garlicky broccoli rabe and sharp provolone and topped with a drizzle of rich gravy, the Roast Pork Italian will make you think twice about ever ordering a cheesesteak again.


Insider Tip

While it seems difficult (and almost downright foolish) to ever stray from Tony Luke’s two classics, there are several other delicious, artery-clogging items on the menu for you to enjoy, including the enormous Beef Buster, the Texas Wiener with chili sauce and the Double Burger Royal. Just be sure to bring along your antacid of choice.


39 E. Oregon Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 551-5725

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