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South Street

Philadelphia’s famous street bustles with restaurants, galleries and a whole lot more

South Street

Enjoy shopping, dining and exciting nightlife on Philadelphia's South Street. Credit: Kevin Gilper for South Street District


Long known as the edgiest street in Philadelphia, South Street is a melting pot of groups and cultures.

Residents and visitors, teenagers and adults, preppies and punk rockers, artists and attorneys all mix seamlessly together on the storied boulevard.

Shoppers searching for a statement-making look, visitors hungry for a real Philly cheesesteak and music lovers who want to catch an up-and-coming band all head to South Street.

Ethnically diverse restaurants, bars that keep the party going long after dessert and galleries and performance spaces help make South Street the place where everyone meets.

Over the past decade, the development of South Street’s east side has spread west of Broad Street, but the traditional definition of the district (depending on who you ask) spans up to 14 blocks: Front Street all the way up to Broad Street.

The Experience

South Street is always buzzing no matter if you visit on a Tuesday afternoon or a Friday night.

Business people saunter down the block from nearby Washington Square West and Society Hill to mingle with their more Bohemian counterparts for lunch, while visitors flock to the area to savor their first Philly cheesesteak at Jim’s and residents stop by The Chef’s Market for some groceries.

Mirroring this diverse mix of fun-to-watch pedestrians is a wonderfully eclectic lineup of over 300 shops and more than 60 eateries, cafes and bars. Most stores are independently owned and have similarly minded signage.

The area’s restaurants reflect the various ethnic flavors of several nearby neighborhoods. There are also several performance venues featuring fringe theater and live music.

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