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Independence After Hours

A sneak peek at Philadelphia’s history after hours

The Independence After Hours tour through Historic Philadelphia.

The Independence After Hours tour through Historic Philadelphia. Credit: M. Kennedy for GPTMC


Tours run April – October

The Experience

This evening walking tour visits some of the landmarks of Philadelphia’s Historic District and is populated with Colonial characters who bring history to life right in the place where it happened.

Tour-takers walk through the shadows of Independence Hall, in this exclusive opportunity to visit inside the Hall at night, with no crowds, and experience what those late nights of the summer of 1776 were like for the Founding Fathers.

The evening begins with a delicious three-course meal at the Historic City Tavern where Colonial townspeople entertain guests. The Colonial host then “sneaks” everyone into the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall), once he talks his way past the vigilant night watchman.

Inside the Hall, visitors witness several Founding Fathers deep in discussion over the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

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