June 28, 2017

Survey Says: Ben Franklin Is Best Beer-Drinking Companion

VISIT PHILADELPHIA Surveys 2,000 Google Users In Advance Of Fourth Of July

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Alexander Hamilton may be a star on Broadway, but at the dinner table he’s not as popular of a dinner guest as other historical figures. Courtesy of VISIT PHILADELPHIA®
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In advance of the Fourth of July, VISIT PHILADELPHIA® surveyed 2,000 people across the country to see which historical figure from Revolutionary-era America they’d most like to share a meal with and what they’d prefer to drink at this meal.

The results? Ben Franklin was the dinner companion of choice, and beer was the beverage of choice for most survey respondents. There was one notable surprise in the findings too. Despite his popularity on Broadway, Alexander Hamilton came in fourth place among the five historical figures.

Here’s a look at the survey results:

The Results:

Which historical figure would you most like to share a meal with?

  • Benjamin Franklin: 38.1%
  • George Washington: 24.6%
  • Betsy Ross: 17.7%
  • Alexander Hamilton: 10.6%
  • John Adams: 9.0%

What would you like to drink with him or her?

  • For those who chose Ben Franklin, 29% of respondents said they would have a beer with him, 22% said whiskey.
  • For those who chose George Washington, 26% said beer, 22% said tea.
  • For those who chose Betsy Ross, 39% said tea, 28% said wine.
  • For those who chose Alexander Hamilton, 28% said beer, 26% said whiskey.
  • For those who chose John Adams, 28% said beer, 24% said whiskey.

Bonus Question: Which of the following people’s true stories, told at Philadelphia’s new Museum of the American Revolution, would you like to hear?

  • Deborah Sampson, dressed as a man to fight: 27.8%
  • Oneida Indian, sided with Revolutionaries: 22.6%
  • Mum Bett, sued for her freedom and won: 19.7%
  • James Forten, joined privateer ship at 14: 16.4%
  • Hannah Catherall, cared for prisoners: 13.5%

(Source: VISIT PHILADELPHIA research conducted using Google Surveys, June 2017)

Philadelphia’s Historic District campaign, from VISIT PHILADELPHIA®, showcases the city’s incomparable place in early American history and the still vibrant neighborhoods of Old City, Society Hill and the Delaware River Waterfront. The campaign celebrates America’s most historic square mile in the country’s first World Heritage City, as designated by the Organization of World Heritage Cities. Funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development and H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest, the initiative runs through September 2018.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, visitors can engage with costumed history makers, hear stories of the real people of independence and take part in colonial reenactments. And every day of the year, they can tour, shop, dine and drink in the area just like the founding fathers and mothers once did. For more information about all there is to see and do in Philadelphia’s Historic District, go to visitphilly.com and uwishunu.com.