Battleship New Jersey

Admiral “Bull” Halsey’s flagship and the nation’s most decorated battleship

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At 887 feet of armor-plated steel, the 45,000-ton Battleship New Jersey dominates not only the New Jersey waterfront, but also American naval history.

Winding through tight, narrow companionways, visitors see the communication center, officers’ and enlisted men’s mess halls and sleeping quarters, which range from small private rooms for senior officers to even smaller cots stacked atop each other for enlisted men.

The dimly lit Combat Engagement Center displays radar and sonar tracking stations, while videos show the launch of Tomahawk missiles.

A highlight of the tour is the turret where 2,700-pound shells were loaded and fired.

Best of all, some of the tour guides served active duty on the “Big J” and are more than happy to share their personal experiences.

The History

Visitors can travel back to an earlier time in the battleship’s history on a 4D flight simulator.

Through World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and the Gulf War, the Iowa-class Battleship New Jersey earned an unprecedented 19 Battle and Campaign Stars for outstanding service.

The temperature in the engine room often reached a brutal 130 degrees, limiting sailors to four-hour shifts.

As technology changed, the ship’s equipment changed, too.

The Experience

Today the battleship is preserved to how it was when it was decommissioned for the fourth and final time in 1991.

Visitors can travel back to an earlier time in the battleship’s history on the 4D flight simulator’s “Seahawk” program, which re-creates a WWII era dogfight over Iwo Jima.

Everything here, from the voice powered phones to the torpedo loading stations to the Combat Engagement Center, will captivate kids age 5 and over.

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